We are staffed with professional massage therapists who offer both relaxation and therapeutic massages. Every massage is tailored to meet each client’s individual needs. Come in weekly, monthly or as you need it. We welcome everyone to try the healthy benefits of professional massage. We offer 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions. 
Physical Benefits:

Relaxes the body
Calms the nervous system
Lowers blood pressure
Loosens tight muscles
Stretches connective tissue
Reduces chronic pain
Relieves tired and aching muscles
Relieves cramped muscles
Speeds recovery from injury
Increases range of motion
Stimulates release of endorphins
Strengthens the immune system
Improves posture

Mental Benefits:

Reduces mental stress
Promotes quality sleep
Improves productivity
Induces mental relaxation
Improves concentration

Emotional Benefits:

Reduces anxiety
Enhances self-image
Provides a feeling of well-being
Nurtures and stimulates emotional growth

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Dr. Bruce A. Lindberg has provided professional chiropractic care in Bloomington, MN to hundreds of folks for over 34 years and is NOT associated with DAB No.1386.